“There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her worth!”

Vanessa Haldane - Founder

Like so many of us, my story of struggle with self-worth manifested due to childhood trauma

Since the age of eight I’ve experienced sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse – from family, from friends and from a relationship that began in high school - that I was lucky to survive.

My self worth was almost non-existent, and I struggled to break the cycle of continuous trauma.

I lived in group homes, as a ward of the state, experienced juvenile detention and became a mother at 17 years young.

Despite moving on and finding happiness in motherhood - I faced further challenges; My mental health issues manifested and anxiety with Agoraphobia left me unable to do the simplest of tasks - such as the grocery shopping.

Clinical diagnosis of anorexia and bulimia nervosa soon followed and the death of my mother to suicide in 2011 - sparked the change in me that led to the creation of the #WorthinessMovement and Journey To Worthy.

I share these things openly with you, as I know it’s the silence and shame that continues these vicious cycles.

It’s only through speaking about the issues that affect women that we can begin to collectively heal and end the cycle for ourselves, and the next generation

I’ve spent the last decade dedicated to working through the countless psychological effects from my earlier years having since been diagnosed with ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD)

Journey To Worthy has been born of this process and I am now completing my diploma in professional counselling, having already completed my advanced study major in abuse counselling.

What began as a simple blog and hashtag has grown to a global movement and community - the Journey To Worthy Army

Journey To Worthy serves to educate, inspire, empower and support women on their journey and remind them that they are worthy .