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Marie Claire Magazine - Criminilise Coercive Control Campiagn

Marie Claire - Criminalise Coercive Control Campaign

I was 14 when he began isolating me from my friends and family, when he would punish me with the silent treatment for days on end if I refused him or spoke up in defence of myself.

I did not recognise this as a form of abuse, as it was never talked about in the media, shown in films and often under reported by victims. My abuser DID become physical, however by this stage the controlling and abusive nature of Coercive Control – had taken hold.

If I tried to leave I was threatened with murder or suicide, he would follow me and stalk my every move – and so I stayed for another 5 years.
Coercive control IS domestic violence, ladies, and includes patterns of domination such as Emotional, psychological, historical and financial abuse as well as sexual coercion, isolation, cyber stalking and intimidation.
This type of domestic violence is illegal in the UK but NOT in Australian yet is associated with 99% of cases where a woman is murdered by a current or former partner.

I am proud to stand with @marieclaireau and @aremediaaus and I need your help – we currently have over 15k signatures and need 20k to present the petition to Criminalise Coercive , to @scottmorrisonmp and state and tertiary governments.

Together we can change the law and save women’s lives.