The Movement

Journey To Worthy exists to educate, inspire and empower women to recognise our own worth. A woman who knows her worth is less likely to:

  • Engage in self destructive behaviours

  • Be involved in abusive and toxic relationships

and more likely to:

  • Support other women

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Seek physical, mental and financial assistance


To inspire, empower , educate and support women and provide:

  • FREE resources and downloadables to assist women on their journey

  • Support - through our care packs - to assist women experiencing physical, mental and financial hardship

  • Donate - $1 from every item sold goes directly to 1800RESPECT
  • Community of like minded women who support and respect each other , without judgement

We achieve this by:

Support: Delivering Care Packs, around Australia, for women experiencing physical, mental and financial hardship

Educate: Sparking uncomfortable conversations on our social media platforms to create awareness, insight and ultimately - change!

Empower: Creating empowerment apparel that is size inclusive and ensuring our marketing campaigns are diverse and representative of our community

Inspire: Share powerful stories from inspirational women at our in person Worthiness Events and Social Channels